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Class Update 3/18/2018

posted Mar 21, 2018, 8:09 PM by Tejaswini Nayak

This class was conducted by our youth teacher, Peyton
Topic : Karma 
Discussion : Explain Karma : good and bad ; the law of Karma ; How to change for the better
Activity : The children were divided into smaller groups and each group was asked to present a skit which depicted good karma and bad karma. 
Stories : Peyton and Sridhar ( teacher 7 B ) shared a story each to discuss Karma
The children enjoyed this class and had a great discussion :-)
Please see attached presentation.

Class Update 3/4/2018

posted Mar 21, 2018, 8:03 PM by Tejaswini Nayak   [ updated Mar 21, 2018, 8:11 PM ]

This class was conducted by our youth teacher, Akshay. 
Topic : Architecture of India
Discussion : popular monuments across India, and the influence of various empires and dynasties over architecture in India
A short Quiz on the presentation was conducted at the end of the class.
Please see attached presentation.

Class Update 2/25/2018

posted Mar 1, 2018, 5:35 PM by Tejaswini Nayak

Topic : Prominent American Citizens of Indian Origin

We tried to cover atleast a few prominent citizens, from a variety of fields and professions.
The students to our pleasant surprise, were quite knowledgeable about some of these featured citizens :-)

Quiz : Identify Logos of companies discussed during presentation
Results to be announced at next class

The presentation is attached below.  


posted Jan 23, 2018, 4:06 AM by Shubha Subbarao

This was our first class for the calendar year and had a great turnout, with 19 of the 20 students in attendance!! The class was focused on the dry run of the Republic Day projects. We were very happy with the outcome of the student projects on the regional "harvest festivals of India", the excellent research on their poster boards and the enthusiastic presentations! While Group 2, 3 and 4 had their poster boards ready and presented to the class, Group 1 is working on theirs. A few suggestions were shared by the teachers, Shrikanth and myself, the youth assistants, Akshay and Prathithi, and the fellow students.

Here are some general pointers:

1) Include a map of India on the poster board and indicate the region (east, west, etc) and states you will cover
2) Consider appropriate color for your slide background for text to stand out
3) Minimize text, Increase font size, consolidate information where possible (e.g., Holi, West India)
4) Include more pictures if needed
5) Include notes on mythology, culture (dance/music) where available
6) Share a commonality of the festivals of that region
7) Share a geographical feature, e.g. climate that enables these festivals

Pointers for a good presentation on the day:
1) Make note cards with talking points (so you don't speak to your poster board but the audience)
2) Speak LOUDER but deliver your topic in a crisp manner (NOTE: On the day it will be fairly loud in the exhibition area!!)
3) Each group is assigned to less then 3 minutes, for a total of 10 minutes for Group 7A, so choose your speaking points well, the rest of the info can stay on your poster board for questions from the judges/audience.

PROJECT SET-UP: Saturday, Jan 27th, between 2:00- 4:00 pm
Bring your poster boards,and any other related display materials and set up your area. Label all personal items with your name. If you are bringing any food samples on the day of the event, keep them to drier/finger-food types and label with "name of the food sample" and any general disclaimers, e.g.,  "May contain nuts/ dairy, etc." Bring napkins/small plates, etc if needed to serve the samples.

EVENT: Republic Day Celebrations, Sunday, Jan 28th
9.15 a.m. - 9.30 a.m  -Kids assemble in booths.

Looking forward to see you all in lovely festive Indian outfits!

Shubha aunty/Shrikanth uncle/Teju aunty, for Group 7A


posted Dec 21, 2017, 4:30 PM by Tejaswini Nayak

Our last class this semester was on Forms of Government in the world with special focus on Govt of India. It was a very interesting class, with lot of participation from the kids.
The children especially enjoyed the two rounds of quizzes; one during, and one following the presentation. Prizes and winners, will be announced next semester in our January class.
Please see attached, the powerpoint presentation by our teacher, Shri Ramchandran


posted Dec 3, 2017, 9:16 AM by Tejaswini Nayak   [ updated Dec 6, 2017, 3:55 AM by Shubha Subbarao ]

On Sunday we learnt about Mohenjodaro and Harappa, cities of an ancient civilization, and one of the earliest human civilizations that came to be known as the INDUS VALLEY CIVILIZATION! The students were absorbed in this study unit. We also learnt that they have touched upon this in their school curriculum as well. The National Geographic video is beautifully done and opened our eyes to the layout and other important aspects of the Indus people. 
Video is at: 

The slide deck that goes in-depth into the various other aspects of the civilization is attached.
We did a small 'India close-ups' fun activity there after to see if the students had grasped the study unit. (See attached).

NOTE: There is no homework for the next class-------

However, we are expecting the students to continue to brainstorm with their respective groups for the Republic Day project so that they can work on it collectively as time permits and complete their project during the winter break.The RD project information has been described in the Class Agenda of the previous class, along with the group assignments. Please reach out to the teachers if you have further questions or stop by at the next class with your questions.

Next Balvihar class (and the last one for the year) is on Sunday, 12/17/17.


posted Nov 29, 2017, 9:32 PM by Tejaswini Nayak

1. The following students presented their 'state' projects to the class- Aadit, Ananta, Diya, Jia, Khushi, Ronak, Manogna, Varun, Adit S and Ritam  

2. Names of all students who presented the 'State' project, were entered into a raffle drawing for a Starbucks gift cards!!....and the winner was Diya :-)  CONGRATULATIONS!!
All students did a lovely job with their presentations. We were very thrilled and proud :-) !

3. The annual Balvihar Republic Day project was announced, and details shared with the class. 
     Our assigned topic for Group 7A is "Harvest festivals of India"
     Time for presentation : 10 minutes  
     Presentation mode:   3-D models, brochures, slides presentation on their computers were suggested media        for use, with emphasis on a mandatory 3 fold POSTER per region.

4.  The following Class Groups have been made for this project :

Group 1 / North India : 
Students : Ritam, Vishal, Adit S, Aadit, Varun, Ronak 
States to be covered : Jammu & Kasmir, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Uttaranchal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Delhi

Group 2 / East India 
Students : Jia, Eesha, Maanvi, Anushka, Manogna
States to be covered : West Bengal, Orissa, Chatthisgarh, All north eastern states 

Group 3 / West India 
Students : Khushi, Ria, Diya, Nikita 
States to be covered : Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Daman, Diu, Madhya Pradesh 

Group 4/ South India 
Students : Meenakshi, Sonali, Sanchi, Niveta, Ananta
States to be covered : Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala

5. Subtopics to be covered for the harvest festivals, in each region : 
  •          art & cultural aspects such as attire, dance and music specific to the festivals
  •          religious aspects of the festival (mythological or other stories if any)
  •          culinary aspects associated with the regional harvest festivals

6. Dry run of the project is planned for the class on 1/07/18.
    Republic Day celebrations and Project presentation is on 1/28/18.

7Parents and students in each group are encouraged to plan/ meet, and work together to complete their             project.


posted Nov 12, 2017, 7:24 PM by Tejaswini Nayak   [ updated Nov 12, 2017, 7:37 PM ]

Topic : States of India
The following students did a wonderful job of their presentation today: Congratulations to

The remaining students will do their presentation next week.

We also reviewed how to access the Balvihar website and class webpage to check for class updates and homework assignments. As this page is regularly updated , no student should have difficulty in knowing what was covered in class during their absence, and every student regardless of attendance, is responsible for showing up in class with their homework assignment. 


posted Nov 2, 2017, 6:57 PM by Tejaswini Nayak   [ updated Nov 2, 2017, 7:05 PM ]

Learning Objective : How to make a power point presentation on a state, what kind of information to discuss, what categories to focus on. If possible compare and contrast with the states of the USA. any mythology associated with the state or its customs and traditions. 
Goal : Be able to make your own presentation about a state; learn and share some fun facts when doing it. 
State discussed : Kerala

Homework is assigned for next class 11/12/2017

please see the following youtube videos that were shared with the children. also attached is the powerpoint presentation.

Class 10/8/2017

posted Oct 12, 2017, 5:04 AM by Tejaswini Nayak   [ updated Oct 12, 2017, 5:24 AM ]

Physical Features of India : Mountain ranges of India
Special Focus : The Great Himalayan Range
Things discussed :  Mountain ranges
                                Why are mountains important to mankind ?
                                How are mountains formed ?
                                Popular Himalayan Peaks
                                Highest Peaks of the world, and why are they so named ?
                                Popular mountain ranges around the world/ all continents

Please see the attached presentation for more details.
Also attached are some videos we watched in class.

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